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Accommodation Details YHA Patterdale
Goldrill House, Penrith CA11 0NW
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Comments by walkers who stayed at YHA Patterdale in Patterdale on The Coast to Coast Path
A throwback to the seventies definitely not refurbed . Maybe sell the original decor in London as retro to finance the upgrade. Small cell like room boiling hot due to the 2 inch heating pipes with the window open it was loud with doors banging until well after 11 pm. Was definitely the worst on the c2c though the staff were doing their best and were friendly and helpful.
Richard Bloore , left on 09 October 2013
So just come from The travellers rest, our prison cell was small and seemed to be a converted boiler room with battleship grey walls and a small window and a bunk bed squeezed in. did not eat here went to a famous little place were wainwright used to stay. had a very nice meal there and the place had a great atmosphere for walkers. we have stopped in many YHA but maybe it was just the room that put us off our stay. next Kings arms hotel shap.
ALAN & PAUL, left on 26 July 2013
Basic hostel but adequate. Food was good and staff helpful. Very good drying room.
Jenny and Alex Dunlop, left on 02 October 2012
My stay here wasn't as good as Borrowdale, but that surpassed any standards I had. I walked from Borrowdale YHA, to here in one go. Arriving at 7:15pm and asked for a meal, and because I was vegetarian the chef made me a handmade cheese and tomato pizza and it was DELICIOUS (it was on the menu for children but he made me an adult version)! The showers and bedroom were good, if a little cold.
Eloise Bartlett, left on 04 September 2012
We had a large room to ourselves, but the heater was busted, and the overall ambience was one of staying at Her Majesty's Pleasure. The staff were great, although our bags were just left unattended in the foyer- some days you have to take the iPad in the day pack! Food was quite good, wine was cheap, but the pub was probably a better place to meet other walkers. If this place has had a recent referb then I don't want those builders anywhere near my place. Fair value for money- just. 5/10
Richard and Mary Anne, left on 30 July 2012
Our mixed party of six gave the following out of ten:
Location 8.6
Welcome 1.0
Cleanliness 0.8
Comfort 1.2
Facilities 1.0
Breakfast 3.4

This hostel reported that it had just been refurbished. We don't agree! This was the worst accommodation we experienced by a long, long way.
John, left on 22 May 2012
Stayed in Mar 2011. This hostel is basic, the showers/toilets FREEZING, and the beds hard. But outstanding - gives you access to other walkers in the area, some of whom have done the C2C, the food is outstanding and cheap, and I had a really good visit. Would stay again.
Jess, left on 20 April 2012
Disappointing Stay.
Yve Macartney, left on 26 June 2011
This hostel felt a bit run down, the bed was really uncomforable, and the showers not very nice. But considering it was pretty much full of walkers, i don't think we expect that much! The common room was nice though.
anon, left on 20 June 2011
My second visit to Patterdale YH and I continue to recommend it for its splendid common room, excellent food and friendly service.

(Happily I noticed that the women's washroom - still, alas, rather shabby - has been relocated since last year, to be adjacent to the women's dorm.)

If approaching Patterdale early in the afternoon, it makes sense to take the route down from Grisedale into Glenridding and explore the village and its coffee shops (one with internet at reasonable rates) before proceeding to Patterdale and finding the youth hostel not yet open.

Gillian (Ottawa), left on 18 July 2010
A disappointing Youth Hostel due to the lack of main building maintenance - lots of things broken and not mended or replaced. Dripping showers wasting water. However, staff were great, as were meals.

Stayed May 2010
M and M, left on 08 June 2010
Not very impressed with this youth hostel - a definite come down after Borrowdale and Grasmere (Thorney How) YHs. The two bed private room we stayed in was very small, carpetless and cold. In fact the whole building was freezing until we commented upon it and they turned the heating on (apparently it had been turned off and all the windows opened for a dance the evening before). Although even then only the dining and reception areas warmed up.
And I'm afraid to say that the food was probably the worst I experienced on the C2C - hard, dry, sausages which must have been microwaved.
However the reception staff were very friendly, and particularly helpful when trying to locate where our bags had been left.
Christine, left on 03 May 2010
An odd building, partly old (the showers) and yet with a wonderful new extension housing the dining room and spacious lounge.

Notwithstanding the showers and toilets, this is a good place to stay and the food was exceptional - the chef takes a pride in the meals and this was the best youth hostel dinner I have had (out of a half dozen). What's more, it came with crisp snow peas instead of the usual boiled carrots and cauliflower. Very nice. And breakfast was excellent.

The women's dorm (adjacent to the men's washrooms, go figure!) was big and roomy, though with lots of beds and had a fabulous view over the fells and water.

Recommended. I would stay there again.
GW Ottawa, left on 30 June 2009
Stayed on the 9th of June, walking the C2C. Not that bad - a typical YH. Chilled out common room was the best feature - showers and dorms were pretty frousty. Kitchen facilities available for making your own breakfast and making an early start on the long leg to Shap. YH bangers and mash were outrageously salty. Good if you want to pay slightly less than a B&B, meet interesting people, eat salty bangers and shower in grubby showers.
Stephen, Tasmania, left on 19 August 2008
Its a YH - with all its advatages and all its faults - but the comon roomm is one of the best around. Th two bunk room was more than adequate and breakfast was fine. Showers not great - but when are they ever in a YH? And is does have a washing machie and tumbe drier!!
Mike Thompson, left on 29 July 2008
The 17th June found the five of us arriving at Patterdale YH early in the afternoon.

Although reception was closed, tea and coffee was available in the self catering kitchen. The common room was open and there are great sofa's to relax on.

Accommodation was good, and it was great to have the opportunity to catch up with some washing and use a drying room.

We also ate our evening meal here, it was excellent. A chef for the YHA to be proud of.

It's years since I last stayed in a YH, and I was surprised at how good they have become.
Heather Babb, left on 09 July 2008
The YH, in contrast to Ennerdale YH, was very grubby, with cold showers and little to recommend it except a drying room. This and the foyer were full of YH paraphernalia. Having stayed here nine years ago, we concluded that nothing had been done since then- a very tired place in serious need of refurbishment. Cost a lot too!
Claire Davies, left on 23 June 2008
The seating/eating areas are generous and comfortably furnished, but the shower area desperately needs upgrading, and the 2-bunk room we had was cramped, damp, dirty and dilapidated - deifinitely a mistake paying extra for.
Pam, left on 04 May 2008
This definitely exceeded my expectations for a youth hostel. There was a nice atmosphere of many young people and hikers, and a great drying room and washing machine. To my surprise there were also hot dinners available, as well as breakfast and hot lunches. You could rent a towel for 50p. On the other hand, especially if you aren't YHA members, this hostel can be just as pricey as staying in nearby B&B's so make sure to check out all the options before thinking you're staying on the cheap at the YHA.
Lillian , left on 11 July 2007
After our disastrous stay at Thorney How YH in Grasmere I was not looking forward to staying here.However,accommodation was very good with first class menu and the staff just couldn't have been more helpful.All in all an excellent hostel but in future,I will probably stick to B & B.
Jeff Pepper, left on 25 June 2007
Stayed June 2006 when bedrooms were in terrible condition and we were given what must have been the smallest darkest and dampest room in the place. The rest of the hostel was very nice, very spacious lounge and dining room. Also, very good meals and friendly staff
Naomi, left on 16 February 2007
Large YH with choice of menu and thankfully a large drying room. Doesn't feel quite the same as the smaller YH's though.
dez, left on 11 July 2006
Great hostel and the food was first class. However! There was a big group of youngsters in, probably a school who were polite enough but VERY noisy at meal times. It would have been nice to hear a teacher/leader remind them that there were a few other guests staying too. Left 24 May 2006.
Simon K., left on 30 May 2006
Decent hostel, friendly and efficient staff. Could do with more showers in the section where we stayed. It's a pity our stay was spoiled by a large group of Dutch students who were rowdy enough to keep us awake until 1.30am.
Ed Curl, left on 06 May 2006
Very nice hostel food lovely. Staff very helpful and welcoming

recommend it
Margaret Gallery, left on 23 April 2006
Great stay overall but hostel needs work. Friendly staff though and great food. Didn't have massage but was given helpul advice on knee injury.
Paula, left on 17 February 2006
This warden has an attitude problem.

Hostel well past it's sell by date although posters on the wall by reception admit it is in dire need of upgrading.

Tired and tatty dorm but good drying room and lounge. Breakfast not bad either.
Mike, left on 29 August 2005
A lot better than the last Youth hostel, but disapointed with washing facilitys, two showers only!!

despite there only being 15 for breakfast, we were all sqeezed onto three tables which seemed strange.

Evening meal and breakfast very good.

kids thought rooms very basic though.

Verp pleasant and helpful staff though.

Folkard Family, left on 08 September 2004
Overall a good youth hostel. Staff very warm, welcoming and helpful. Great lounge, common room and huge drying room. Evening meal excellent. Nice atmosphere and friendly. Only concern was that our twin room (ground floor) dark and outer wall seemed damp - may have been unusually damp summer? Maybe just unlucky with the location of our room as another guest was saying how nice his was.
Tess & Mick Starkey, left on 04 September 2004
first class choice of meals fantastic
Mike & Russ, left on 28 August 2004
our second stop at this b and b iwhilst on the C2C- the welcome and facilities proved of their usual high standard- a very high quality accommodation. Highly recommended
Pete and Chris, left on 03 August 2004
A long day but what a welcome, great staff, best food by far. Massage was an unexpected luxury. Rooms are very spacious. My daughter agrees this is a quality hostel
Frank and Jo, left on 14 May 2004
A great hostel - phone ahead if you`re coming all the way from Rosthwaite and they`ll keep your meals warm. And talking of the meals ..... what a range! And what fantastic quality - Someone at this Hostel likes cooking. And as for other added extras .... they have a massage clinic on site - get there early enough and they`ll give your feet a good going over! The only quibble was with the bathrooms - in need of some rennovation (and I couldn`t get an hot water when I wanted it) but the Managers are obviously doing the best with what they`ve got and are creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere.
Kate B, left on 28 April 2004
Great hostel, very helpful staff. good meals and excellent facilities. Will certainly visit again.
Peter Lillystone, left on 18 April 2004
If you have to stay at one youth hostel. make sure its Patterdale. Spacious dorms, pool table, fantastic food and friendly, helpful staff. Great VFM.
Nigel Broadbent, left on 25 August 2003
Having thought we had bitten off too much by coming from Rosthwaite in a day it was great to arrive tired but to a lovely welcome, good facilities and great food.
David Hall, left on 20 August 2003
A great stay. In particular, a fantastic drying room and laundry facilities. One slightly negative comment - we felt that the standard of the basic evening meal suffered, possibly due to the more exotic options made available, compared to that at other hostels.
Sarah, left on 04 August 2003
Great hostel, staff very friendly and good food
S.Carter, left on 29 October 2002
Excellent facilities clean and comfortable accomodation. It was Saturday 21/9 so rather crowded and some of the children could have been better controlled, majority were great. Dinner and breakfast were highlights, very good standard, as good and probably better than any restaurant or pub we ate in on the whole walk.Definitly recommended.
Emma and Neil, left on 17 October 2002
Excellent ! I found the room and food to be 1st class , the latter impressively so - will return to tour the area more . Thank you. ps the Tuna steak was great !
Ray Baldwin, left on 08 September 2002
Good - as all youth hostels are - with lots of facilities, but some were a bit rough round the edges. However it is close to the White Lion pub which is well worth a visit.
Wesley Ball, left on 14 August 2002
Building a bit tired and in need of sprucing up. Staff very friendly and helpful and food excellent, especially the `upgrade` option. Men and women in separate wings was a bit of a pain as only had one toothpaste etc. to minimise weight.
Leanne & Daniel, left on 06 August 2002
The Patterdale hostel is great. The is plenty of space in the rooms, it is very clean, the food
is fabulous and the staff is awesome.
Hope Jansen, left on 03 August 2001


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